Charity Consultancy Services

Tengo Consultancy offer expert consultancy services to charities and other organisations, covering a wide range of areas.

Charity Consultancy Services
Charity Consultancy Services

If you are about to embark on a new appeal and are struggling to get started, if you want to branch out into the world of charity retail or if you are a new charitable visitor attraction and are looking to make the most of gift aid we are here to help. These are just some of the ways we can and have supported charities over the years.

Another key area where we can offer support is legislation and guidelines. Many charities are of course aware of legislation which is relevant to them and their activities – however, some overlook the importance of the law and in many cases believe that charities are exempt from certain things, merely because they are charities, which is almost always not the case. In addition, sometimes legislation is not fully understood, or a charity may not be making the most of opportunities that are available for fear of being non-compliant.

Whatever the scenario, we can help. Our team is made up of both industry expert consultants hired from within the charity sector who have dealt with the areas we consult on for the charities they worked for, and technical experts who have been delivering software solutions to charities for over a decade.

We can offer charity consultancy and commercial consultancy on the following areas:
· GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – GDPR will affect all organizations that do fundraising and/or marketing, and comes into effect 25th May 2018. It’s vitally important that preparations are made, so that you can continue to contact your donors and/or customers.
· Gift Aid Legislation – Maximise revenues from Gift Aid whilst ensuring compliance with HMRC legislation, choosing the right Gift Aid scheme for your charity.
· Grant applications – which grants to apply for, and how to best secure them.
· Fundraising – helping you to achieve the objectives of your campaigns and boost donations.
· Lottery and gambling legislation – operating raffles and lotteries within your charity.
· Marketing – cross channel marketing, including making the most of the web and social media.
· Donor development – how to build relationships with your supporters to encourage repeat donations.
· Events – how to put on engaging events for your visitors, donors, and supporters, and how to remain compliant with legislation whilst charging for them.
· PPL Licence (Phonographic Performance Limited, for music played in public).
· PRS Licence (Performing Rights Society, for music played at your locations).
· VAT (Value Added Tax, how it applies to you as charities).
· Reuse/recycle credits – FRN and other schemes which generate you revenue for recycling / re-selling donated goods, on top of gift aid revenue.
· Membership schemes – understanding how a good benefits package can be offered whilst still complying with Gift Aid and other legislation.
· Privacy Policy, EU Cookie Law – Ensuring your website is compliant.
· Trading arms – understanding the benefits to having a separate trading entity to the charity, and the legalities of operating the two in tandem.

This isn’t a complete list, so if there are any other areas you would like to discuss then please contact us.

Whatever your requirements, contact us today and a consultant will arrange for a no obligation call to discuss your charity consultancy needs.