Maxine Walmsley – Head of Consultancy

Throughout my career I have found that I am happiest and most effective when I am in a role that stretches me and helps others. Several years ago I began working with a charity, I had done lots of voluntary work with charities so I knew it was the right direction for me to go in.

I then went through the process of working with charity consultants as well as purchasing retail software and that led me to my role with Tengo Software. I met with a huge number of charity retail software companies and I found their sales pitch to be very forceful and their prices incredibly inflated. I didn’t find that at all with Tengo and even when I was a customer they were willing to take my ideas on board because they could see the benefit of taking ideas from someone who trains volunteers and oversees a charity retail set up.

I was asked to join Tengo as their Head of Product Development and Charity Consultancy and I jumped at the chance. In my role I get to design software solely with charities, fundraisers and volunteers in mind and support our customers on a consultancy basis when new legislation is brought in or when they just need a helping hand. I can continue to do this everyday because I know that the prices Tengo charge are fair and reasonable and we are trying to help charities raise as much money as they can through their charity shops and visitor attractions as well as their general fundraising activities.

I started off raising money for one charity and now I feel that I get to make a bigger difference by working with lots of charities to help them achieve their full potential.

If you are looking for help with a fundraising project or you are fed up of the software you are using not giving you quite what you need then please get in touch.